Investing in the Next Generation

Step Into Business provides business education curriculum content for Intro to Business classes. Our courses are delivered through interactive online modules that teachers can incorporate into their curriculum at their own pace.


Our 7th-8th grade level business courses are delivered through fully developed, interactive online modules.


All content is developed by Mays Business School faculty, staff, and other collaborators and aligns with TEKS standards.


Step Into Business enables educators to incorporate modules into their curriculum at their own pace and request customized content delivery.


Our program staff are available to answer any questions before, during, or after course implementation.

About Our Courses

Each module in a course includes instructions, activities, and assessments for business topics

Course Descriptions

Clients Testimonials

"This program brings the curriculum to scholars in many forms for better comprehension and they make it easy to incorporate into your existing curriculum."

Joshua Trevino Davila Middle School, Bryan ISD

"Masterminds behind the program have the ability to fit your needs. With real-world testimony and experiences incorporated into the lessons help scholars relate."

Joshua Trevino Davila Middle School, Bryan ISD


Housed in Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, the Sales Leadership Institute’s offices are located in College Station, TX.

The Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute consists of marketing faculty members and higher education staff professionals who strive to serve students, industry, academia, and the community through a full slate of programs designed to develop ethical, well-trained sales professionals, elevate the perception of sales as a career path, and address sales and marketing challenges with research and solutions.



The Sales Leadership Institute is committed to service for our students and our community. By creating the Step Into Business program, we aim to provide support for teachers in our community and help the next generation of students grow in their skills and understanding of business.

We provide educational and experiential opportunities for students to learn and practice communication problem-solving, critical thinking, and relationship-building skills, which are important skills for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Course:

Questions About Us:

Do I have to pay for these courses ?

No, Step Into Business provides access to courses for free as a service to our community. 

What grade level are these courses for?

These courses are written at a 7th-8th grade level but can be used for any intro to business course content.

How is this course delivered to students?

We will send you files compatible with Learning Management Systems such as Schoology, which you upload and manage independently.

Do I have to administer this course on a certain schedule or timeline?

No, modules for our courses can be scheduled entirely by the teacher and completed at any pace.

How am I able to access student work?

Student work you might grade includes any worksheets in the accompanying PDF course packet  plus quizzes from each online module for the course.  When you upload the course to a Learning Management System (LMS), you will access and manage student work through your chosen LMS platform. Step Into Business staff will have no access to student data.

What information will I receive for each student?

After customizing your passing score percentage, you will be able to choose between the following options to view a learner’s status on a module:

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

You will also receive all student work from the accompanying course packet pdf.

Can I customize anything?

For online module quizzes, you will be able to customize the following metrics:

  • Passing Score — set percentage
  • Require Passing Score to Continue — on/off
  • Quiz Retries — Unlimited, None, 1-10
  • Randomize Question Order — on/off
  • Shuffle Answer Choices — on/off
  • Reveal Answers (shows the learner the correct response after each question submission) – on/off.
Could I have a conversation with someone before I request access ?

We encourage you to ask questions, and we look forward to talking with you about ways to customize the program to fit your student and classroom needs.

We are happy to talk with you via phone or Zoom call. Please use the contact page to request a conversation with program staff.

Who created these courses?

Step into Business is a community service program from Texas A&M University’s Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute at Mays Business School.  Courses are designed by Mays Business School faculty, Sales program staff, and industry partners.

What information do you gather from users?

We will ask for the following data before providing access to our courses:

  • School or program name
  • Teacher name and contact info
  • Name of the class the Step Into Business course will be used for
  • Grade level(s) of students using program
  • Number of total students using the program

After the first year, we simply ask for the number of students that use and complete the modules so that we can track the utility of our program. Upon request, we are happy to provide individualized certificates for students who complete the course, in which case you would provide student names after course completion. (optional)

Can Home Schools, Private Schools, Charter Schools, or After-School/Community Programs use this program?

Yes! Step Into Business courses are not limited to public schools.

Do you provide any student incentives?

For all students that complete the course, we will provide a certificate of completion upon request. 

Please speak to program staff for more details.

I am interested in sponsorship for this program. Who do I contact?

For inquiries about sponsorship, please contact Dr. Janet Parish, Director of the Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute at